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Sl No. Tender No Tender Name Opening Date Closing Date Tender file Tender Sub files Corrigendum File
1 F. No.11-3/VRC/2023-24(Vessel)/ e-tenders for “Auction of departmental fishing vessel SAGARKRIPA’ of Veraval Research Centre of CIFT” 03-10-2023 23-10-2023
2 F.No.1-12/2022-Cdn Maintenance contract for electrical and plumbing work at ICAR-CIFT Office and CIFT Residential Complex, Thevara 03-10-2023 20-10-2023
3 F. No. 6-16/2023-Purchase (ABI-NAIF) supply of Haze Meter 21-09-2023 14-10-2023
4 F. No. 6-17/2023-Purchase (ABI-NAIF) supply of Meat Mincer 21-09-2023 14-10-2023
5 F. No. 4-5/2023-Purchase supply of High Pressure Homogenizer 14-09-2023 07-10-2023

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