Name of consultancy/Technology Transferred

Name of the party


Combination wire ropes

M/s South India Wire Ropes Ltd. Alwaye, Cochin


Production of medicinal grade chitosan from chitin

M/s FDC Ltd., Mumbai

Production of high gel strength agar

M/s Marine Chemicals, Cochin

Process for effluent treatment

M/s Integrated Rubian Exports Ltd., Aroor


Improvement in performance of intermediate range freezer trawler

Fortune Oceanic Products Ltd., New Delhi

Production of chitin from prawn shell

M/s Technical Developments, Mumbai

Construction of 13.8 m U bottom wooden trawler cum gill netter

Govt. Fisheries Training Centre, Sathpathy, Thane, Maharashtra

Budgetary estimates for freezing plants

M/s DCM Shriram Consiladted Ltd., New Delhi

Directory of Fishery Research Institutes in Asia

FAO, Rome

Project outline with budgetary estimates for a fish processing plant

Dept. of Fisheries, Punjab


Effluent treatment

M/s Southern Seafoods, Chennai

Effluent treatment

M/s Andaman Fisheries, Andamans

Environment impact assessment consequent to transportation of hazardous chemicals in barges through the estuarine system

FACT, Alwaye

Installation of solar driers in Lakshadweep and installation of small scale cottage unit to can snails in Calcutta/Port Blair

Jardine Marine Products P.Ltd., Bombay

Improvement in performance of factory trawler

Oriental High Seas Fisheries Ltd., Visakhapatnam

Modernisation and technology upgradation of fish processing plant

Small Industries Devt. Bank of India (SIDBI), Cochin


Production of chitin for export

M/s India Seafoods Ltd., Cochin

Setting up fish processing unit and quality control lab at Veraval

M/s Asiatic Marine Foods (India) Ltd., Veraval

Improved fishing gear for cuttlefish

M/s Yedugiri Seafoods Ltd., Visakhapatnam

Project report on efficacy of chemicals in fish preservation

M/s Ganesh Benzoplast, Mumbai

Flow chart on effluent treatment

M/s Devi Marine Food Exports Ltd., Madras

Processing of shark bones

M/s Mubarak Enterprises, Edavanakad

Processing of shark bones

Shri. Jojo James, Chenganacherry

Project report on production of chitin and chitosan

Shri. Sudhir Chaudhary, M/s Lapecherie, Veraval

Processing of shark bones

Shri. C. Cristopher, Cochin

Surgical sutures from fish gut

M/s Innovative Sutures, Hyderabad

Processing of shark cartilage

M/s M.A.Ummar, Trichur

Design of steel fishing vessel of 14m OAL with draft of 1.5m

Pondicherry State Fishermen Coop. Fedn. Ltd., Pondicherry


Setting up of Chitin / Chitosan plant

Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources, Govt. of Philippines

Surgical sutures from fish gut

M/s Sangram Rinoose, Trichur

Production of chitin/chitosan

M/s Higashimaru Feeds (India) Ltd., Cochin


Setting up of fish processing plant

M/s Invicta Food Industries, Cochin

Processing of shark fin rays

M/s Miranda Exports, Vallavillai, Nagercoil

Processing of shark cartilage

M/s Bluebay Exports (P). Ltd., Cochin

Production of Chitin/Chitosan

Spamache Industries, Cochin - 18

Studies on ecology and behaviour of blowfly population in fish processing and storage system

School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, UK

HACCP programme on fishing vessels

M/s Yedugiri Seafoods, Cochin

Fabrication and supply of remote operated soil moisture meter

Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Bhopal

Pre-dredging and post-dredging hydrographical survey in Kayamkulam canal

Govt. Contractor, Vellanathuruthu, Karunagappally

Processing chitin and chitosan from prawn shell waste

M/s Tripindo Patria, Indonesia


Assessment of quality of groundwater in relation to the abatement of pollution for constructing dry-dock

Cochin Shipyard Ltd.

Survey of dried fish processing in east and west coast of India

BOBP, Madras

Processing shark cartilage

M/s ARK Marine Biopolymers (P) Ltd., Ponekkara, Ernakulam

Improvement in building layout and installation of laboratory

M/s Hansawati Exports (P) Ltd.

Modification of processing unit and implementation of HACCP as per norms

M/s Rameshwar Cold Storage, Bhidia, Veraval

Modification of processing unit and implementation of HACCP as per norms

M/s Kartik Cold Storage, Veraval

Standardisation of Fo value effective for pasteurisation of sea crab meat packing in multilayer film

M/s Amalgam Foods, Cochin

Implementation of HACCP system

M/s Bhavani Seafoods, Veraval


M/s Mamta Cold Storage, Veraval

Processing of shark cartilage

Shri Koshy Thomas, Elamakkara P.O., Cochin

Processing of shark cartilage

India Seafoods, Cochin


Design of new series of 18m deep sea trawler and 18m gill net cum long liner

Ministry of Agriculture

Design for construction of Junghar for Kuttanad

Executive Engineer, PWD Mechanical Division, Govt. of Kerala, Trivandrum

Rapid method for determination of nitrifying bacteria in the cooling water of ammonia plant

FACT, Ambalamughal

Feasibility report on trash fish utilisation

Ministry of Food Processing Industries, New Delhi

Method of processing chicken in retortable pouches

M/s Meat Products India Ltd., Koothattukulam

Method of processing mushroom in brine and curry medium

National Research Centre for Mushroom, Himachal Pradesh

Method for processing coconut milk, coconut curry mix, colada

M/s Fresh Coconut Products Ltd., Kuduppissery, Trichur,Kerala


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