General Administration

Director is the Head of the Institute. Director is assisted by Senior Administrative Officer, Administrative Officer and Assistant Administrative Officers for dealing with matters relating to General Administration; Finance and Account Offcer and Assistant Finance & Accounts Officer for looking after Finance & Internal Audit of the Institute. Under office Administration there are 5 Sections Viz. Establishment, Co-ordination, Bills, Store Purchase, Stores Issue.

Name of the Officers

Chief Administrative Officer : Shri Mahesh B. Khubdikar
Senior Finance and Accounts Officer : Shri. Anil Kumar P P
Administrative Officer : Shri. R N Subramanian
Assistant Finance and Accounts Officer : Shri. M N Vinodh Kumar 
Assistant Administrative Officer (Estt) : Shri. Sabukuttan K B 
Assistant Administrative Officer (CDN) : Smt. Raji V K
Assistant Administrative Officer (Bills) : Smt. K Renuka


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