Research findings

  • Developed high value products from fish processing waste like caroteino-protein complexes, bioactive hydrolysates, collagen peptide, bioceramic hydroxyapatite etc. 
  • Peptide enriched nutritional drinks, crispy roe flakes and cubes and various convenient products from different fishes and shell fishes have been successfully developed at this centre. 
  • Effect of different natural preservatives on the shelf life extension of seafood under different storage conditions were evaluated and standardized.
  • Shellac resin was standardized to control flies in dried Bombay duck. 
  • Biosensor buttons were formulated to indicate spoilage during transportation and storage of fish.
  • Antibiotic resistance of common pathogenic bacteria in fish and shellfish samples and environment as well as antimicrobial effect of natural preservatives against various spoilage and pathogenic bacteria were monitored.

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