Research Findings

  • Formulated procedures for prevention of contamination in seafood processing plants by appropriate GMP, GHP, SSOP and GLP.
  • Developed a cleaning procedure and cleaning schedule for cleaning of food contact surfaces, non contact surfaces and food processing equipments.
  • Developed a procedure for exclusion of contaminants from workers involving medical examination, stool culture test, immunization and scrubbing.
  • Formulated an antiseptic ointment for prevention of blisters in the hands of prawn peelers.
  • Developed a deodorant cum disinfectant solution for deodorising and disinfection of various surfaces in food processing plants.
  • Developed a package of practice for prevention of blackening in shrimp.
  • Developed a package of practice for pathogen free chilled fish for export to foreign markets.
  • Formulated a treatment procedure for providing better colour and appearance for squid and cuttle fish.
  • Prepared typical HACCP plan forms for sea food products like bi-valve meat, raw frozen shrimp, cooked frozen shrimp, scrombroid fishes and raw frozen cephalopods.
  • Developed a software for implementation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points in seafood industries.
  • Developed a rapid method chloritest paper for instantaneous detection of residual chlorine in process water.
  • Prepared a ready reckner for diluting hypochloride solution to prepare chlorinated water for various food processing uses.
  • Formulated a simple treatment system to remove heavy metal residues from process water.
  • Developed a modified four plate method for monitoring antibiotic residues in aqua cultured prawns.
  • Formulated a deodorant for removing foul smell in fish markets and fish handling areas.
  • Prepared a layout and specification for modern, hygienic and sanitary fish market.
  • Prepared layout and specification for individual fish cutting and selling facility.
  • Prepared a standard layout and requirements for quality control laboratory for food industry.
  • Identified indole as an index of spoilage in prawns.
  • Worked out K-value for different species of fish to ascertain freshness.
  • Introduced a treatment for preparing Salmonella free frog legs and marine products.
  • Worked out a method using sodium tri poliphosphate to reduce drip loss of frozen sea food.


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