ICAR-CIFT organizes online international training with AARDO collaboration




Kochi based ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) in collaboration with African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO) organized an international training programme on ‘Advanced techniques in fishing and fish processing' in virtual mode for the AARDO member countries in Asia and Africa starting from 31 August- 9 September, 2021 at Cochin.  The course programme was aptly customized and meticulously designed keeping eye upon the region-specific relevant problems, stakeholders’ needs and resource availability in the domain of harvest and post-harvest fisheries. The training covers major areas in advanced fishing techniques like resource and energy conservation in fishing, energy efficient fishing vessel design, improved fishing gear, application of nanotechnology in fishing, environmental impact of fishing etc. and some innovations in fish processing like pre-process handling and curing, improved chilling and freezing, value addition techniques, development of coated and speciality fish products, improved packaging technologies, high value secondary by-products from fish waste, nutraceutical development etc. The programme is attended by about 103 participants comprising of policy makers, academicians and technicians from 22 AARDO member countries that include 50 trainees from 10 Asian countries including India and 52 from 12 African countries and one from USA.  

Gracing the inaugural programme as Guest of Honour, Dr. J. K. Jena, Deputy Director General (Fisheries Science), ICAR, New Delhi in his address, highlighted that Indian fishery, the fastest growing enterprising sector in the country, has established its dominance in global fisheries as the third largest country in total fish production and second in aquaculture production. He assured that ICAR can play a big role to bring a paradigm transformation in fisheries scenario in AARDO countries through technology backstopping with the help of its strong research base and trailblazing technologies, that would help in augmenting fish production and productivity. 

His Excellency Dr. Manoj Nordeosingh, Secretary General, AARDO attending the inaugural programme as Guest of honour, applauded the scientific novelties of ICAR-CIFT in harvest and post-harvest fisheries which may open new vistas in boosting entrepreneurship in fisheries. He stated that when the whole world is grappling with Covid-19, particularly many Asian and African countries are struggling hard to overcome the stress caused due to the unabated pandemic, the initiatives taken by ICAR-CIFT for the capacity building of fisheries resource personnel from AARDO member countries are laudable.  

Dr Ravishankar C.N. Director, ICAR-CIFT in his deliberation, underlined the accomplishments of ICAR-CIFT for spreading its wings at international level through various capacity building programmes under ITEC, ASEAN, FTF-ITT etc. and ascertained that CIFT is committed for overseas technology dissemination. In this connection, he urged the participants to take an opportunity for physical training at ICAR-CIFT as and when the pandemic situation becomes normal and requested AARDO to facilitate the technology transfer process to overseas, if found useful. Initially the programme was started with a formal welcome address by Dr. Leela Edwin, HOD, FT Division & Course Coordinator followed by programme highlights by Dr A K Mohanty, HOD, EIS Division & AARDO Programme Coordinator and vote of thanks by Dr Ashok Kumar K., HOD, FP Division & Course Coordinator. On this occasion, a virtual institute visit was also arranged to expose the participants to the state-of art research facilities created in ICAR-CIFT.  





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