Major areas of interest

  • Development and evaluation of region specific sustainable trawling systems for reducing the environmental impacts.
  • Development of bycatch reduction devices for conservation of Hilsa in stake nets
  • Estimation of carbon foot print in different fishing systems for east coast of India
  • GIS data base for craft and gears, bycatch and fishery resources
  • Setting up fishing systems and exploitation deep sea resources and its utilization
  • Application of remote sensing for Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) and thermal fronts for oceanic tuna
  • Development of Dietary Fibre fortified fish products
  • Studies on effectiveness of natural antimicrobials impregnated gels/films for shelf life extension of fish and fishery products
  • Studies on fortification of fishery products with bioactive pigments
  • Assessment of chemical and biological risks associated with fish and fishery products
  • Promotion of entrepreneurial skills among small and medium scale fishers.

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