Facilities Available

  • Providing analytical services such as for Proximate, Biochemical composition and Quality indices parameters, Spoilage and pathogenic bacterial analysis, Heavy metal contents, Histamine and Formaldehyde content, Sulphite residue analysis, Food packaging material analysis, Nutritional labelling etc  
  • Providing service for validation of fish processing equipments like cookers, blast and plate freezers and IQFs for fish and fishery products of Eu and Non EU of NW coast of India
  • Improved fishing craft & gear designs.
  • Onboard Demonstration of  responsible fishing techniques. 
  • Regularly imparting Training programs on HACCP Concepts, Microbial Quality of Seafood, Biochemical Analysis of Seafood, Hygienic handling of fish and fishery products and Development of Value added fishery products
  • Conducting classes and Guiding of Masters & PhD students Research Works.
  • Providing consultancy service in the areas of Fish processing and Fishing technology (Renewal of HACCP certification & Procedure for implementation of HACCP, Approval, Renewal and additional facilities of Fish processing Establishments and Technologist approval for exporting to EU, Setting up of an effluent treatment plant  and Specification for various types of seafood products etc) to Fish processing Establishments in NW coast.
  • Creating awareness among fishermen on recent technological development in harvest & post harvest sector.
  • Technological support for the upliftment of tribal fishermen community of NW coast 
  • Conducting exhibition, field trials and hands on training and demonstration on latest technologies in fishery technology

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