TSP Training Programme on Fish Product Development andValue Addition Techniques for Nicobari Tribes

 A training programme on “Fish Product Development and Value Addition Techniques for Nicobari Tribes” was jointly organized by the Central Island Agricultural Research Institute (CIARI), Port Blair and Department of Fisheries, A&N Administration in collaboration with Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT), Cochin, at Harminder Bay, Little Andaman during 26-28 May, 2014 under the Tribal Sub-Plan.  Dr. J. Bindu, Senior Scientist, Fish Processing Division, CIFT was the resource person who handled the theory and practical sessions on post harvest handling, processing techniques and product development.  Smt. K.B. Beena, Asst. Chief Technical Officer and Shri V.T. Sadanandan, Technical Assistant assisted and demonstrated the various processing techniques and preparation of value added products. Shri Irfan and Shri Narsilu, Senior Research Fellows of CIARI was also associated with the project. Thirty two tribal fishermen and women beneficiaries of Harminder Bay were trained.
 The training imparted was on hygienic handling of fish, different types of dressing like filleting, preparation of steaks, chunks, mince etc. Salt curing and drying of mackerel was practically demonstrated to them. Value added products prepared include battered and breaded products like fish balls, fish fingers and fish cutlets using mince of mackerel, fish pickle and fish chutney powder. Packaging of fish pickle and chutney powder in standing pouches was also done by them. The importance of packaging materials, mainly films and trays for storage of different value added fish products were taught to the trainees. The participants highly appreciated the training since this is the first time they got an exposure to the different types of products that could be prepared using fish resources.

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