Special Town Official Language Committee Meeting

A Special Town Official Language Committee Meeting was conducted on 3 March, 2017 at ICAR-CMFRI in the presence of Dr. Prabhas Kumar Jha, IAS, Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Official Language, New Delhi and Dr. Sunita Devi Yadav, DD (OL), Implementation, Regional Implementation Office, Mumbai. Dr. G.K. Sivaraman, Chairman, TOLIC Veraval Region and Scientist-In-Charge, Veraval Research centre of ICAR-CIFT welcomed the Chair. Dr. Prabhas Kumar Jha, created awareness about the importance of Official Language in our official work. He mainly discussed the major factors related to the language and its implementation. He explained how our culture is incorporated with our National Language and how should it be cultivated to our next generation. He also discussed about the possibilities and limitations of Official Language in official works. The Chair informed that the TOLIC members about the e-Dictionary developing by Department of Official Language in association with Information Technology.  Dr. Sunita Yadav, Deputy Director reminded that the duty of Head of Office is to assure the compliance of Rule 12 and to issue all documents under Section 3(3) in bilingual. Dr. Prabhas Kumar Jha concluded the meeting by making aware that it’s the duty of Government servant to promote Hindi and he also reminded that “Serving Hindi means Serving the People”

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