Solar Fish Dryers


CIFT has developed different models and capacities of Solar Dryers for hygienic dying of fish.  Designs of solar dryer vary from very simple direct dryers to more complex hybrid designs. The hybrid model Solar Dryers are having LPG, Biogas, Biomass or Electricity as alternate back up heating source for continuous hygienic drying of fish even under unfavourable weather conditions. The capacity of these hybrid solar dryers varies from 6 sq.m to 110 sq.m tray spreading area for drying fish (capacity 10kg to 500kg).


Technical Benefits

  • Ideal for drying fish, fruits, vegetables, spices and agro products  
  • Eco-friendly and hygienic drying by harnessing solar energy during favourable weather conditions without changing its colour and flavour. 
  • Alternate back-up heating systems like LPG, Electrical and Biomass to achieve elevated temperatures during unfavourable weather conditions like rain, cloud and night times.
  • The drying time is reduced considerably with improved product quality.
  • Improved shelf life and value addition of the product fetches higher income for the fisher folk.
  • The eco-friendly solar drying system reduces fuel consumption and can have a significant impact in energy conservation.
  • Labour requirement is considerably reduced compared to open sun drying in beaches / coir mats because of the elimination of cleaning process due to sand and dust contamination.
  • Re-handling process like spreading, sorting and storing because of non-drying or partial drying due to unfavourable weather conditions and spoilage due to rain is also not required.
  • Ensure quality products eliminating the disadvantages of open sun drying followed in coastal villages.


Solar Dryer with LPG back-up


Designed and developed a novel system for drying fish using renewable solar energy supported by environment friendly LPG back up.  In sunny days fish will be dried using solar energy and when solar radiation is not sufficient during cloudy/ rainy days, LPG back up heating system will be automatically actuated to supplement the heat requirement. Thus continuous drying is possible in this system without spoilage of the highly perishable commodity to obtain a good quality dried product. PLC system can be incorporated for automatic control of temperature, humidity and drying time. 






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