Smoked Masmin Flakes

An innovative value added product has been developed using a new processing method by smoking and drying skip jack tuna meat which is similar to the commercially available masmin flakes. Major ingredients used for the product preparation are skipjack tuna and salt. Minced tuna meat is mixed with salt and liquid smoke, made into a paste and stuffed inside a stainless steel mold after which blocks are cooked and dried till the moisture reaches below 15%. Using a flaking machine masmin flakes are produced and dried again to get the product of moisture content below 10%. Flakes are then packed in polyester/polythene laminated pouches and stored at room temperature. Masmin flakes prepared by improved method has superior biochemical qualities compared to traditional masmin flakes .The lower moisture of masmin flakes assures higher shelf life. Nutritional profiles such as protein content and lysine content are high. It shows higher levels of PUFA especially EPA, DHA and can play a vital role in attracting consumer health consciousness to this product.


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