SCSP brainstorming training programme on Advanced Microbiological and Molecular Techniques for Improving the Competence of Students in Biological Sciences


Dr. Leela Edwin, Director, ICAR-CIFT, addressing the participants during valedictory function


ICAR-CIFT organized a SCSP brainstorming training programme on Advanced Microbiological and Molecular Techniques for Improving the Competence of Students in Biological Sciences” from 19th to 24th September, 2022. The training was aimed to empower the competence level of students of SC community with advanced techniques in the field of microbiology and molecular biology. Thirteen students of Biological sciences from various colleges and universities of three states; Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala attended the training programme. Dr. Leela Edwin, Director, ICAR-CIFT, Cochin, inaugurated the training programme on 19th September, 2022, at Cochin. In her inaugural speech, she briefly explained about the welfare and flagship programme undertaken by ICAR-CIFT for the socio-economic upliftment and overall development of the scheduled caste community. Dr. Toms C. Joseph, Course Director & Head, MFB Division, ICAR-CIFT, Cochin welcomed the gathering and gave a brief introduction about the SCSP training programme to the participants. The inaugural session was concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. G K Sivaraman, Principal Scientist, MFB Division, ICAR- CIFT, Cochin. Pre-evaluation examination was conducted before the commencement of the training programme to assess the background knowledge of the topics to be covered in the training programme.


The six days training programme gave detailed insights and hands on work exposure to the students on the basic microbiological techniques to be carried out for the isolation and identification of bacterial pathogens, diagnosis of bacterial diseases through automated bacterial identification systems, nanotechnological approaches for bacterial control, AMR profiling, molecular identification of bacteria using 16SrRNA sequencing, DNA fingerprinting tools, bioinformatic analysis etc. Scientists and technical staffs from MFB division handled theory and practical sessions. In addition to this, an interactive session with Head of each Divisions of ICAR-CIFT were arranged for the benefit of participating students to get acquainted with the frontier areas of institute research activities. A training manual was distributed to all the participants.


The training concluded with post evaluation examination and feedback from all the participants. All the participants performed exceptionally well in the post training examination.


DR. M A Nazar, Managing Director, Kerala State Development Corporation for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Limited, Kerala inaugurated the valedictory function on 24th September, 2022. In his valedictory speech, he emphasized the contribution of KSDC for uplifting the socio-economic status of SC/ST community by listing out various activities taken by KSDC such as loan schemes for housing, education and capital assistance for self-employment, etc. He said that the Nation’s scientific and technological development is achieved only by disseminating the knowledge to the younger talented and needy population. He congratulated the initiatives of ICAR CIFT for disseminating the technological advancements and necessary skills in the field of advanced techniques in microbiology and molecular biology to the students of SC community. Dr. Leela Edwin, Director, ICAR-CIFT, Cochin, presided over the function. Dr. Toms C. Joseph, Course director and Head, MFB Division welcomed the audience. Dr Suresh A, Nodal Officer & Chairman SCSP committee and Principal Scientist, EIS division of ICAR-CIFT gave a brief introduction about the SCSP projects of the institute. Dr. Sivaraman G K, Course coordinator and Principal Scientist, MFB Division proposed the formal vote of thanks.


Practical session on molecular identification of bacterial pathogen

Dr. Nazar M.A, Managing Director, KSDC (SC/ST), addressing the participants valedictory function


Releasing of training manual during valedictory function

Dr. Radhakrishnan Nair, Scientist, MFB division handling the theory session

Group photo of Director, participants and staff of MFB, Division


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