Certificate of registration of design for Refrigerated Mobile Fish Vending Kiosk

Engineering Division, ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, Cochin has designed and developed “REFRIGERATED MOBILE FISH VENDING KIOSK”for selling fish in the closed chamber under hygienic conditions at consumer doorstep. The main components of the kiosk are fish storage and display chamber, hand operated descaling machine and fish dressing deck with wash basin, water tank, cutting tool, waste collection chamber and working space. Kiosk is attached with hand operated descaling machine for removal of scales. This unit helps to extend the keeping quality of fish for 4 to 5 days and increases marginal benefit to fish vendors. The following team members were involved in design and development of refrigerated mobile fish vending kiosk:Dr. Manoj P Samuel, Dr. Murali S, Shri. Siddique V. K, Smt. Alfiya P.V, Dr. Aniesrani Delfiya D.S, Shri. Gopakumar G, Shri. Babu K.S and Smt. Shyma P.K. Design of “REFRIGERATED MOBILE FISH VENDING KIOSK”has been applied for design IPR and received the “CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION OF DESIGN(Design No.319819-001 dated 20/07/2019)” from the Patent office, Govt. of India.

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