Refrigerated mobile fish vending Kiosk



Exposure of fishes to the atmosphere often leads to contamination by means of dust, insects and flies apart from deterioration of quality in terms of freshness and taste. ICAR-CIFT, Cochin, has designed and developed a low-cost energy efficient refrigerated hygienic mobile fish vending kiosk to sell fish at consumer’s door step under hygienic conditions in village/urban/municipality areas with proper waste disposal system. The unit was fabricated mainly using food grade material stainless steel (SS 304) with transparent poly carbonate/toughened glass sheets for the display. The kiosk can carry 100kg fish, 20kg under chilled storage and remaining in insulated ice box, and it was designed considering the maximum weight that a man pulls on a rickshaw. The main components of the kiosk model are well insulated chilled fish storage cum display unit with three chambers, a hand operated de-scaling machine (2 kg) and fish dressing deck with wash basin, water tank, cutting tool, waste collection chamber and working space. The main feature of the prototype is that consumer can see the fishes directly through transparent cover and select according to their choice of purchase. A digital sign board is attached in the front of kiosk to display the available fishes and their rates.


Technology Benefits

  • Under ideal operating conditions, the unit can extend the shelf life of fish for 4 to 5 days and increases marginal benefit to fish vendors/sellers.
  • The kiosk is affordable to small scale and retail fish vendors/sellers for investment on the modern kiosk.
  • The technology also helps to change the unhygienic handling and marketing practices of fish by the vendors/sellers/fisherfolks.
  • The traditional fish vending systems are soon going to be replaced with refrigerated mobile fish vending units developed by CIFT.

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