National seminar on “Recent advances in post-harvest fisheries engineering

A national seminar on “Recent advances in post-harvest fisheries engineering” has been jointly organized by Society of Fisheries Technologists (India) and ICAR-CIFT on 23rd September, 2017 at ICAR-CIFT, Cochin. 134 delegates including students, faculty and scientists from various institutions such as Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS), St.Teresa's College, Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, M.E.S. Ponnani College, TKM College of Engineering, Kelappaji College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology and ICAR-CIFT, Cochin have attended this seminar. Seminar was commenced with the formal welcome address by Dr. Manoj P Samuel, Principal Scientist and Head, Engineering Division, ICAR-CIFT, Cochin. Dr.S. Balasubramanian, Dean, College of Fisheries Engineering, TNFU, Nagapattinam delivered the key-note address on “Novel drying techniques in fish processing and preservation”. Dr.Raghu, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Calicut presented his topic on Electronics system design for post-harvest fisheries application. Dr. Rekha Menon, Senior scientist, ICAR - National Dairy Research Institute, Bangalore facilitated a session on energy monitoring and targeting system and explained all the theoretical background about monitoring and targeting system in dairy processing plants. In the post-lunch session, Mr.Raphael Thomas, Managing Director, Datamatrix Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Pune explained about practical implementation of energy optimization system with the help of results obtained from Monitoring and Targeting tools installed in various seafood industries using cloud based software system. Subsequently, Dr. A.A.Zynudheen, Principal Scientist and Head i/c, QAM Division, ICAR-CIFT, Cochin presented his topic on Instruments and equipments in fish handling operations and Dr. Manoj P Samuel, Principal Scientist and Head, Engineering Division, ICAR-CIFT, Cochin spoke on Instruments and equipments for post-harvest fisheries. In the valedictory session of the seminar Dr.C.N. Ravishankar, Director, ICAR-CIFT, Cochin distributed the certificates and enlightened on tools and techniques to address problems found in post-harvest fisheries sector. Formal MoU has been exchanged between ICAR-CIFT, Cochin and Datamatrix Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Pune for collaborative research project on “Design and development of tools and technologies for energy and water use optimization in fish processing industries”. The participants were actively involved in discussion and deliberations. This national seminar has been co-ordinated by Dr. Manoj P Samuel (Principal Scientist and Head),  Dr.S. Murali (Scientist) and Dr. D.S. Aniesrani Delfiya (Scientist) Engineering Division, ICAR-CIFT, Cochin.



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