Nano Cerium oxide, Titanium oxide & Iron oxide coating for corrosion resistance in boat building steel.

BIS 2062 carbon steel is extensively used for fishing boat construction and is highly susceptible for corrosion in the hull, welding joints and coating failures under marine environments. This technology demonstrates the application of novel multifunctional nano metal oxide mixtures comprised of iron, titanium and cerium as marine coating to prevent corrosion. The electrochemical performance of nano metal oxide mixture coatings, applied over boat building steel, was evaluated inNaCl medium. The thin film surface coatings showed an efficient corrosion resistance with increased polarization resistance and low corrosion current density. The electrochemical impedance spectral data exhibited the improvement in the polarization resistance of outermost surface and internal layers. The coating responded faster recovery to normal state when subjected to an induced stress over the coating. The nano material in the coating behaves as a semiconductor; this enhanced electronic activity over the surface of the steel. The photo oxidation behavior of Fe2O3 and TiO2, deter the microbial attack.

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