Myctophid trawl (45m & 28.4m)


Two new myctophid trawls (45m and 28.4m) with four equal panels were designed and two prototype trawlswere fabricated, for experimental operations from FORV Sagar Sampda. The total weight of thefour equal panel 45 m myctophid trawl net, excluding buoyancy elements has been estimated as832 kg. The twine surface area (TSA) of the myctophid trawl, which predominantly determinesthe trawl drag, has been estimated as 412 m2. Estimated trawl drag in terms of towing speeds of 2to 3kn range from 4.9 to 7.3 t. The new mid-water trawl system designedto attain largermouth area, smoothly tapering trawl body with small meshes in belly and codend,which can be towed at about 2.5 kn is adjudged to be appropriate, taking into considerationavailable information on biological characteristics and behavior of myctophids, fishingconditions and vessel characteristics. The gear will be rigged with 40 floats of 270 mm dia alongthe headline and about 100 kg of iron link chain along the foot rope. Double sweeps of 98 m, 350kg bunched chain depressors and 5 m 2 Suberkrub otter boards will be used for the operations.



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