Training cum Demonstration Programme on Fisheries Value Addition


Mumbai Research Centre of ICAR-CIFT has conducted three days Training cum demonstration programme on “Value addition of fish and fishery products” for about 70 students of Dept. of Zoology and Department of Food Processing and Nutrition, Akkamahadevi Women’s University, Bijapur, Vijayapura Dist., Karnataka during 8-10 May, 2019.  The programme was conducted in collaboration with the Fisheries Research and Information Centre, Bhutnal, Karnataka. The programme started with the welcome address by Dr. S. Vijayakumar, Professor and Head, FRIC, Bhutnal followed by  introductory  remarks by Dr. L.N. Murthy, SIC of the Centre who explained the role of ICAR-CIFT in the socio-economic upliftment of the tribal fisherfolk belonging to rural India. Prof. S.B. Madagi, Chairman, Dept. of Zoology, KSAWU, Vijayapura, and Dr. Renuka Meti, Head, Dept. FP&N, KSAWU, Vijayapura expressed their views and expectations from the programme. Dr. SJ. Prashant, Associate Professor, Dept. FP&N, KSAWU, Vijayapura discussed about recent developments in fisheries, value addition of fish for getting more income compared to prevalent practice.

Demonstration of Hygienic handling of fish: Practical demonstration was given to students for proper cutting of the fillet from fish to get high yield. During the demonstration participants were provided with the aprons, gloves, mouth pieces, and headcaps, cutting boards and knives and were allowed to handle the fish and cut the fillets by their own.


Preparation and packing of fish pickle/ Prawn pickle: Fish pickle preparation and packing were also demonstrated to the students as per the standard procedure recommended by the Institute.


Preparation of fish fingers, fish cutlets, fish balls, fish pakoda and butter fly shrimps: Preparation of battered and breaded products viz. fish fingers, fish cutlets, fish balls, fish pakoda and butterfly shrimps were also demonstrated.


Distribution of  fish processing indigenous equipments to the Food Technology Department: Fish processing equipment such as insulated fish boxes, insulated fish bags, sealing machines, plastic crates, hand operated meat mincers, packaging materials, hygienic handing materials, fish cutting boards, knifes etc. were distributed and their utilization was demonstrated to the students by Dr. L.N. Murthy along with other team members.


Group discussion and feedback session: After the training programme Dr. Vijayakumar gave his feedback about the overall programme and highlighted the usefulness of the training for the students. The programme ended with the closing address by Dr. L.N. Murthy on importance of fish as food, hygienic handling of fish at different stages right from harvest to post harvest, product development, storage till it reaches the consumer/plate; reasons for spoilage of fish and the measures to control the same, preparation of different value added fish products namely fish pickle, fish cutlet and uses of eco-friendly fishing gears


Dignitaries during the inaugural function

Demonstration of hygienic handling practices

Demonstration of fish pickle preparation

Demonstration of fish cutlet preparation

Value added products from fish and shrimp

Value added products from fish and shrimp

Distribution of insulated fish boxes

ICAR-CIFT team with officials from Vijayapura

Dr. L.N. Murthy along with the participants



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