Facilities Available

  • Provides analytical services for the industry on microbiological and biochemical aspects of water and fish samples.
  • Conducts various training programmes related to value added seafood products, seafood quality assurance, biochemical techniques and sensory properties of fish. 
  • Implements tribal sub-plan of Govt. of India aimed at welfare of tribal communities involved in fisheries. 
  • Involves in approval/ renewal/ on-alert assessment of seafood processing plants exporting to European Union (EU) countries, located in the states of Maharashtra, Goa & Gujarat.
  • Provides research guidance and laboratory facilities to the students from other Universities and ICAR Institutes.
  • With the assistance of Agriculture Business Incubation (ABI) with BPD Unit, CIFT, Kochi, imparts various business supporting activities for small and medium scale entrepreneurs in fish harvest and post harvest technology. 
  • Under Mere Gaon Mera Gaurav programme, five villages in Maharashtra were adopted and TOT programmes are being conducted in adopted villages.
  • Involves in the participation of exhibitions on value added fishery products in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

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