Energy efficient low-cost effluent treatment plant




This technology emphasizes to reduce or recover and reuse process water and solids from the fish processing plant. A conceptual design was proposed for the treatment and disposal of effluent generated with all operations from raw material to finished products.


Capacity : 25,000-10,00,000 litres
Structure : RCC (Reinforced cement concrete)
Features : Energy efficient system, requires only 2 numbers of 1 HP motor


Technology Benefits:


  • The effluent discharged from the treatment process conforms to the norms of CPCB/ state PCB’s
  • The water will be suitable for reuse in the plant
  • The land requirement for the treatment plant is very small
  • Zero pollution atmosphere & Eco-friendly
  • Less power consumption
  • Ease of operation
  • Low cost of construction

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