Inauguration of Pilot Level Wood Preservation Facility

The pilot level wood preservation facility  of Fishing Technology Division of CIFT was inaugurated by Dr. B. Meenakumari, DDG (Fy.), ICAR on 11 April, 2014 in presence of Dr. T. K. Srinivasa Gopal, Director, CIFT. Heads of various divisions of institute, Scientists and other staff were present in the inaugural function. Dr. Leela Edwin, Head Fishing Technology Division, CIFTbriefed the functioning of the unit.The unit provides facility for mixing of preservatives, storage and impregnation treatment of wood. There are two treatment cylinders; small one (capacity 400 l) for treating wooden test  panels and bigger one (capacity 2700 l)for treating wooden planks for boat building up to 3m length. This facility will help to upgrade the duration of low valued timbers and thereby reuses the pressure on high value timbers. The fishers can utilize this facility to construct canoes from low value and easily available timbers.



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