Implementation of European Union Regulations for :

  • Fishing Vessels
  • Landing Centres
  • Transportation System
  • Ice plants
  • Processing plants
  • Pre-Processing centers
  • Packaging materials

Implementation of FDA regulations in seafood processing plants :

Training Programmes

Seafood Quality Assurance
A 14-day training programme, which imparts the basic knowledge in Seafood handling and its quality control. The course includes elaborate theory and practical classes. A must for every processing technologist.

HACCP Concepts

This 14 day training programme covers all the basic aspects of HACCP and its implementation. The course covers practical aspects of HACCP implementation and its validation.

Verification and Auditing

This 7 day advanced training programme include practical demonstration and implementation of verification of HACCP plan and its auditing.

Public Hygiene and Sanitation

This 4 day training programme covers all the basic aspects of sanitation and hygiene, which should be followed in any food manufacturing factories.

Personal Health and Hygiene

This 4-day training programme include all the aspects of hygiene and sanitation a personnel, who is handling food in a processing factory. This training is very essential for all the factory workers, supervisors, technologists and managers to foresee and prevent any contamination and other related hazards.

Good Manufacturing Practices

A 5 day training programme which covers all the aspects of good manufacturing practices as per EU and FDA norms, which should be undertaken by any food processing factories.

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