ICAR National Fellowship to Dr. R. Anandan

Dr. R. Anandan, Senior Scientist, Biochemistry and Nutrition Division, Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, Cochin has been selected as ICAR National Fellow by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi. The project proposal submitted by him on “Biomodulation of marine biopolymers for the preparation of biomaterials of healthcare importance”has been awarded ICAR National Fellowship for a period of five years (2014-2019). This award is given to Indian Scientists, active in research, working in the ICAR-Agricultural University system to promote excellence at national level in agricultural research and education, and to recognize the meritorious contribution of individual agricultural scientists/teachers andfacilitate their research and related activities in agriculture.Biomaterials are either modified natural or synthetic materials which find applications in a wide spectrum of medical and dental implant and prosthesis for repair, augmentation, or replacement of natural tissues. Marine organisms produce many biomaterials and biominerals, which are having a lot of potential biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. With huge potential quality-of-life benefits for all, marine biomaterials are the focus of major research efforts around the world. The future of new biomaterials of healthcare importance is dependent upon the development of an enhanced knowledge base of molecular, cellular, and tissue interactions with materials. The focus of the present study is to effectively utilize/modify the various technologies available in CIFT for the production of commercially important biomaterials and biominerals from marine organisms. Biocompatibility, sterilizability and functionability of the biomaterials developed will be determined by conducting experimental trials.

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