Haritha Matsyaki-2019 at Vizag


Lighting of the lamp by Dr.Pravin Putra


Visakhapatnam Research Centre of ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (ICAR-CIFT), has organized Haritha Matsyaki-2019, a National Seminar in Hindi ‘Harith Matsyaki 2019- Opportunities and Challenges for sustainable development of Indian Fisheries” on 30th July 2019 at ICAR-CIFT, Pandurangapuram, Visakhapatnam.

The inaugural session started with welcome address by Dr Raghu Prakash, Principal Scientist and convener of Haritha Matsyaki-2019. He emphasized that the objective of this seminar is sustainable development of Indian Fisheries and this forum would provide a  knowledge sharing platform for scientists, academicians, researchers, policy makers and concerned stakeholders in the sector to deliberate on the present status and issues and future for sustainable fisheries  and aquaculture. Dr C.N.Ravishankar, Director, ICAR-CIFT, Kochi delivered the presidential address. Dr.  Ravishankar stated that Andhra Pradesh is the right place for any seminar on Aquaculture or Fisheries owing to its vast contribution to the fishery sector. He stressed that Hindi seminars such as Haritha Matsyaki were conducted by CIFT at Kochi, Kerala, Mumbai, Maharashtra and Veraval Gujarat to promote technology awareness in Hindi.  Dr. Pravin Putra, Assistant Director General (Marine Fisheries), ICAR, New Delhi inaugurated the Hindi seminar Haritha Matsyiki, 2019 by lighting the ceremonial lamp. In his inaugural address, Dr Pravin Putra emphasized the importance of fisheries in the National economy which has led to setting up of the new Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying. He emphasized that language unites the Nation and Hindi is being encouraged under the One Nation One language policy.

Sri.  V. Padmanabham, President, Seafood Exporters Association of India was the Guest of Honour and he released the published by ICAR-CIFT. In his address Sri. Padmanabham emphasized that challenges faced by the fishery sector are huge and it needs frequent exchanges of views between the researchers and stakeholders through seminars like Haritha Matsyaki 2019. Dr Subhadeep Gosh, Scientist-in-Charge, Visakhapatnam Regional Centre of ICAR-CMFRI and Dr J. Renuka, Deputy Director, Official Language, ICAR-CIFT, Kochi offered felicitations. Dr U. Sreedhar, Principal Scientist proposed vote of thanks. The book of abstracts (Hindi) of the seminar and a Technology Booklet (Hindi) highlighting the technologies developed at Visakhapatnam Research centre of ICAR-CIFT was released on this occasion.

The seminar was attended by delegates from different parts of India  representing Central research institutes such as ICAR-CMFRI (Cochin), ICAR-CIFT (Cochin), ICAR-CIFA (Bhubaneswar), CCARI-Goa, Central government organizations such as FSI, CIFNET, Academic institutes, members of the boat operators associations, processing, and research scholars. A total of 44 presentations that included 21 oral presentations and 23 poster presentations were made by the delegates on different themes such as Aquatic Resources, Biodiversity, Ecology and Environment; Aquaculture/Mariculture and inland fisheries; Post harvest technology, Food Safety, Aquatic Animal Health, Fisheries Economics and Management.

Under the theme on aquaculture and fisheries, presentation were given on induced breeding and rearing of rabbit fish, present scenario of deep sea fishing in East coast of India, safety measures for global ocean threats, sustainable estuarine fisheries, jelly fish fisheries of coastal Andhra Pradesh, effect of induced pH in floculation of chaetoceros microalgae, fisheries and biodiversity of elsmobranch in Andhra Pradesh, intensive culture technique of calanoid copepod for larval rearing etc. Under post harvest technology theme, studies on microwave vacuum drying technology for seafood, quality of shidal from North East, of shrimp flavored biscuits, development of seaweed fortified pasta, effect of organic acid and chitosan coating on the quality of Bombay duck, restructured products from Nemipterus sp. etc. were presented. Under food safety theme, deliberations were made on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) & multiple antibiotic resistance (MAR) in E. coli from fish and water, antimicrobial resistance of V. parahaemolyticus and bacteriophages.


Three prizes each for best oral presentations and best poster presentations were distributed in the closing ceremony.


Dr.Ravi Shankar, Director CIFT delivering presidential address


Dr.Pravin Putra, ADG, ICAR, New Delhi delivering chief guest address


Dr.Pravin Putra, ADG,ICAR,New Delhi releasing Abstract book


Release of Technology book by Shei.V.Padmanabham, President Seafood association of India


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