Fish curry in retortable pouches

Value addition and diversification to satisfy the ever changing and diverse demands from the importing countries as well as urban consumers at home are some of the major challenges faced by Indian processing industry. One such value added product developed at CIFT is fish curry processed in flexible restorable pouches. The flexible pouches manufactured indigenously employing the configuration of a three ply laminated material- polyester/aluminum foil/cast poly propylene. Fish curry in reportable pouch is heat sealed and subjected to retort sterilization at 1210C for a specified time. The product can be kept in room temperature more than one year in acceptable condition.

CIFT has standardized various type of fish curry in flexible retort pouch include Kerala style sardine curry, Punjabi style catla curry, Manipur style Rohu curry, Mughlai style Rohu curry, Goan style Mackerel curry, Ready -to-eat mussel meat etc.
Retort pouch technology finds application in the preservation of fish curry, fish sausage, fish paste, chicken curry, coconut masala curry, coconut beverage, kheer /payasam, mashroom curry etc.

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