Area of Research
  • Fishing Technology
  • Marine pollution
  • M. Sc Marine Studies
Current projects
  • Investigations on fish behaviour and responsible fishing systems
  • Enhancement of life of fishing materials using nanotechnology
Awards and recognitions
  • ICAR-Senior Research Fellowship (2009-2014)
  • ICAR-NET 2014
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • S. Chinnadurai, K. S. Mohamed, V. Venkatesan, J. Sharma, and V. Kripa (2014). Depuration of Bacterial Populations in the Indian Backwater Oyster Crassostrea madrasensis (Preston, 1916): Effects on Surface and Bottom Held Oysters. Journal of Shellfish Research 33 (2), 409-414
  • A. Velusamy, P. S. Kumar, A. Ram, and S. Chinnadurai (2014). Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in commercially important marine fishes from Mumbai Harbor, India.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 81 (1), 218-224
  • Chinnadurai, V. J. Bhave, D. Apte, and K. S. Mohamed (2014). First record of long-tailed pelagic sea slug Stylocheilus longicauda (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia) from southwest coast of India. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India 56 (2), 81-84
  • FAO, 2016. Sustainable intensification of aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region. Documentation of successful practices. Miao, W. and Lal, K.K. (Ed.), Bangkok, Thailand. Country Paper 7: Development of bivalve farming as a source of income generation for women’s self-help groups in coastal India. Mohamed, K.S, V. Kripa, P.K. Asokan, G. Sasikumar, V. Venkatesan, J. Sharma, P.S. Alloycious, S. Chinnadurai, R. Sharma and D. Prema. pp 82-92
  • S. Chinnadurai, J. Sharma, V. Kripa, V. Venkatesan, and K. S. Mohamed. Assessment of bio-accumulation of bacteria in oysters from shellfish growing waters in Ashtamudi Lake (Kerala, India): A RAMSAR wetland. Regional Studies in Marine Science. (Accepted)



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