Area of Research
  • Craft and Gear Technology, Behavioral studies of fishes, Taxonomy and Biodiversity
  • Ph. D in Fisheries Research Management (Pursuing) from ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai
Current projects
  • Assessment of fish harvest and post-harvest technological aspects and mitigation  measures for problems with special reference to Maharashtra (Project Code:1000661051)

Awards and recognition
  • Awarded for “Scientist of the Year 2022” by Kalash Research and Welfare Society Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh  On the occasion of National Seminar on "Bhoomi Suposhan : Approaches and Practices to Enrich Soil and Domestic Animals for Sustainable Rural Development" on 08- 9" January, 2022 at Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya, Chitrakoot, Satna, M.P, India
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Sharma S K, Mishra S S and Jaiswar A K, 2022. Quantification of morphological variability among species of family Cynoglossidae from Indian waters. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, 51 (7) (Accepted) NAAS Rating – 6.8
  • Saha, A., Paul, T.T., Sudheesan, D., Sharma, S.K., Suresh, V.R., Das, B.K., Manoharan, S., Vijaykumar, M.E., Samanta, S. and Jana, C., 2022. Assessment of Spatial and Temporal Changes in Water Quality of a Tropical River in Southern Western Ghats, Kerala, India, Using Physicochemical Quality Indices and Multivariate Analysis. Natural Resources Research31(3), pp.1375-1401. NAAS Rating - 12.68
  • Koushlesh, S.K., Sinha, A., Kumari, K., Borah, S., Chanu, T.N., Baitha, R., Das, S.K., Gogoi, P., Sharma, S.K., Ramteke, M.H. and Das, B.K., 2018. Length‐weight relationship and relative condition factor of five indigenous fish species from Torsa River, West Bengal, India. Journal of Applied Ichthyology34(1), pp.169-171. NAAS Rating – 6.89
  • V Pathak, Kumari G, Sharma S K and Jaiswar, A.K., 2022. Discrimination of six flathead fishes (Family: Platycephalidae) based on otolith morphology and morphometric features. Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences21(1), pp.174-186. NAAS Rating – 6.29
  • Roshith, C.M., Suresh, V.R., Koushlesh, S.K., Manna, R.K., Sharma, S.K., Sibinamol, S., Saha, A., Mandi, R.C., Vijayakumar, M.E., Chowdhury, A.R. and Das, B.K., 2018. Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931), the Pacific whiteleg shrimp in River Cauvery. Current Science115(8), pp.1436- 1437. NAAS Rating7.10


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