Area of Research
  • Fish fermentation
  • Indigenous traditional knowledge in fishery products.
  • B.F.Sc
  • M.F.Sc
Current projects
  • Development of Standard Processes & Protocols for Innovative Products from Aquatic Resources, Shelf Life Modelling and Assessment of Energy Use.
  • Development of high value by products from fish and shell fish processing discards. (CO-PI)
Awards and recognition
  • Junior Research Fellowship Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Uchoi, D., Roy, D., Majumdar, R. K., & Debbarma, P. (2015). Diversified traditional cured food products of certain indigenous tribes of Tripura, India.Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, 14(3), 440-446.
  • Kumar, V., Roy, S., Barman, D., Uchoi, D. (2014). A Case Study: Fish seed nursing by farmers of Udaipur, South Tripura, India. International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies. 1(4): 103-107.



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