Area of Research
  • Incidence of Pathogenic Vibrios in seafoods
  • Emerging and re-emerging seafood pathogens
  • Isolation of V.Mimicus in fish & fishery products
  • M.F.Sc (Aquatic Animal Health Management)
Current projects
  • Innovative product development for value addition, nutrient fortification and shelf life extension of farmed and wild freshwater and marine fish (Co-PI)
Awards and recognitions
  • Dr.Hirarlal Choudry Gold medal for securing first position in Master’s degree programme ( M.F.Sc)
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Saravanan.K., Ezhil Nilavan.S., Arun Sudhagar.S., Naveen Chandru., Disease of mariculture finfish species –A review: Islaraeli journal of aquaculture, 2013
  • Kusunur Ahamed Basha, Ram Prakash Raman, Kurcheti Pani Prasad, Kundan Kumar, Ezhil Nilavan, Saurav Kumar, Effect of dietary supplemented andrographolide on growth, non-specific immune parameters and resistance against Aeromonas  hydrophila in Labeo rohita (Hamilton). Fish & Shellfish Immunology 35, 1433 -1441





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