Area of Research
  • Fishery Microbiology
  • M V S  Veterinary Microbiology

  • Ph D Avian Diseases

Current projects
  • Molecular heterogeneity  and bio-prospecting of aquatic and fish microbes for novel molecules  and genes
  • Development of high value by products from fish and shell fish processig.
  • Development of standard processes and protocols for innovative products from aquatic resources, shelf life modeling and assessment of energy.
  • Assessing environmental aspects of fish, fishery products and effects of chemical hazards
Awards and recognitions
  • Member, Working group constituted for examining agenda of codex committee on fish and fishery products(CCFFP) ( 2014) Ministry of Agriculture, Department of  Govt. of India
  • Member, Indian delegation to the 7th  meeting of ISO/TC 234 'Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Committee' scheduled to be held in Kochi, India (2013) Bureau of Indian Standards
  • Recognised as Lead auditor ISO 22000 - Bureau of Indian Standards
  • Best Poster Award - 2013 International Conference on Frontiers of Mass Spectrometry, MG. University, Kottayam, Kerala
  • Member -American Chemical Society, USA 2008,& American Society of Mass Spectrometry, USA 2008
  • HACCP Merit Certificate -1997- Royal Institute of Public Health & Hygiene, London, Govt. of United Kingdom
  • TCT Award in Fish Processing Technology -1998 - Department for International Development (DFID), Govt. of United Kingdom
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • S.Visnuvinayagam, Toms C.Joseph, Murugadas V., Chakarabarti R., and K.V.Lalitha, 2015.  Status of methicillin resistant and multiple drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus in fishes of Cochin and Mumbai cost, India.  Journal of Environmental Biology, 36,571-575.
  • Sivam Visnuvinayagam, Thangavel K, Lalitha N, Malmarugan S, Kuppannan Sukumar, 2015.  Assessment of the pathogenicity of cell-culture-adapted Newcastle disease virus strain komarov, Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, 46,
  • P.K.Bindi & P.Viji & S.Visnuvinayagam & George Ninan & G.Sangeeta & A.Triveni & C.N.Ravishankar, 2015. Microbiological and shelf life characteristics of eviscerated and vacuum packed freshwater eatfish (Ompok pabda) during chill storage,J Food Sci Technolo (March 2015) 52 (3) : 1424-1433.
  • Pankyamma Viji  & Puthanpurakkal Kizhakkathil Binsi & Sivam Visnuvinayagam &Jaganath Bindu & Chandragiri Nagarajarao  Ravishankar & Teralaqndur Krishnaswamy Srinivasa Gopal, 2015. fficacyh of mint (Mentha arvensis) leaf and citrus (Citrus aurantium) peel extracts as natural preservatives for shelf life extension of chill  stored Indian mackerel, J Food Sci Technol.
  • V.Murugadas, S Visnuvinayagam, V.Purusothamam, T.G.Prabakar, P. Prabhahar  and K.Venkataraman, 2015.  Prevalence of Chicken Host and Chicken Non Host adapted Salmonella  in retail outlet  of Chennai, India.  Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 10 (12) 885-893.



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