Area of Research
  • Fishing Technology
  • MSc (Mariculture), CMFRI,/CUSAT
  • PhD (Marine Science), School of IF/CUSAT
Current projects
  • Studies on Resource and Energy Conservations in Trawl Systems
  • Fishing Technological Interventions for Improvement of Fishing Systems in Selected Inland Water bodies along Western India
Awards and recognitions
  • Dr. M. Devaraj Memorial Award- 2019
  • Best Paper Award & Best Poster Award, IFAF Cochin-2017
  • Best Poster Award, 9th AFF Cochin-2011
  • Life Member: Society of Fisheries Technologists (India), Cochin
  • Life Member : Inland Fisheries Society of India, W. Bengal, India
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • M.P. Remesan, P. Pravin and B. Meenakumari. 2009. Non-selective fishing gears and sustainability issues in the Hooghly-Matlah Estuary in West Bengal, India. Asian Fisheries Science 22:297-308
  • MP Remesan, K.K. Prajith, F Daniel Raj, R Joseph an M R Boopendranath 2016.Investigations on aimed trawling for Myctophids in the Arabian Sea. Fishery Technology 53(1): 190-196
  • M.P. Remesan and A. Ramachandran. 2005. Mini-trawl for estuarine fishing in Kasargod district. Fish. Technol. Vol.42(1):41-46
  • M.P. Remesan and A. Ramachandran. 2007. Seine nets for riverine fishing in selected districts of Kerala. Fish. Technol. Vol.44(1):17-24
  • M. P. Remesan, R. Raghu Prakash, K. K. Prajith, Paras NathJha, R. K. Renjith and M. R. Boopendranath 2019. A Review on Techniques and Challenges in the Harvest of Mesopelagics. Fishery Technology 56: 243-253



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