Area of Research
  • Fishing Technology
  • PhD , Fisheries Resource Management
Current projects
  • Studies on fishing operations and energy use for formulation of guidelines for selected small scale marine fisheries of India  (1000644017(C-35/2018(2))
  • Investigations on fish behaviour and responsible fishing systems  (1000644013(C-29/2015(4))
Awards and recognitions
  • Best paper presentation award - “Impact of ghostfishing in inland waters” during Platinum Jubilee Hindi workshop organized by Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, during 15th September 2017.
  • Best poster presentation award - “Size distribution, recruitment and exploitation of juveniles of Hilsa in Hooghly Bhagirathi river system authored by Jayanta Mukherjee, Sandhya K. M., Sajina A. M., V. R. Suresh, R. K. Manna, B. K. Behara, S. K. Banik and S. Kar during National seminar on 'Hilsa fisheries and conservation' on 18th November 2015 at ICAR- Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore. 
  • Awarded Appreciation Certificate by Inland Fisheries Society of India, Barrackpore on the occasion of 29th All India Congress of Zoology, International Symposium on Culture Based Fisheries in Inland Open Waters and International Satellite symposium on Fish Immunology  held at ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore during 9-11, June 2017.
  • Received Fellowship under Netherland Fellowship Programme (NFP) for attending short course on Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries by Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) of Wageningen University and Research centre, The Netherlands during 21/09/15 to 09/10/15.
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • K. M. Sandhya, M. A. Hassan, S. Kumari, P. Mishal, L. Lianthuamluaia, V. Kumar, M. Aftabuddin and D. K. Meena. Length–weight relationships of four indigenous freshwater fish species from Khalsi wetland in lower Ganga basin, West Bengal, India, 2016. Journal of Applied Ichthyolgy,  32(3) 505–506.
  • Sandhya, K.M, U.K. Sarkar, G. Karnatak, Lianthangmulia, V. Kumar, S. Kumari, D. Panda, P. Mishal and Y. Ali. 2017. Length weight relationships of two small indigenous cyprinid fishes, Osteobrama cotio (Hamilton, 1822) and Salmophasia phulo (Hamilton, 1822) from Panchet Reservoir, Damodar River (tributary of River Ganga), India. Journal of Applied Icthyology, 13(3)635-636.
  • U. K. Sarkar, K. M. Sandhya, P. Mishal, G. Karnatak, Lianthuamluaiaa, S. Kumaria, P. Panikkar, R. Palaniswamy, M. Karthikeyan, S. Sibina Mol, T. T. Paul, V. L. Ramya, D. S. K. Rao, M. Feroz Khan, D. Panda, and B. K. Das., 2017. Status, Prospects, Threats, and the Way Forward for Sustainable Management and Enhancement of the Tropical Indian Reservoir Fisheries: An Overview. Reviews In Fisheries Science & Aquaculture, 26 (1):1-21.
  • Sandhya K. M., Sajina A. M., V. R. Suresh, R. K. Manna, B. K. Behara, J. Mukherjee S. K. Banik S. Kar and M.K.Mukopadhyay, 2016. A new size record of hilsa , Tenualosa ilisha from Hooghly estuary, West Bengal. Journal of the Inland Fisheries Society of India, 48(1):93-96.
  • K. M. Sandhya, S. K. Chakraborty, A. K. Jaiswar and Tasaduq Hussain Shah., 2014. Food and feeding habits of Otolithes cuvieri (Trewavas, 1974) from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 61(4):99-102



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