Area of Research
  • Material science
  • Environment
  • M F Sc
Current projects
  • Enhancement of life of fishing materials using nanotechnology
  • Development of region and species specific pot/traps
Awards and recognitions
  • Best presentation Award on “Ecological evaluation of coastal aquaculture systems in Goa” in National Symposium on Advances in agriculture through sustainable technologies and holistic approaches conducted by Soceity for advancement of human and nature(SADHNA) during 15-17 Feb, 2017
  • Best paper in National seminar of University of Kerala on "Emerging Trends, 2013 
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Manju Lekshmi N, Sreekanth GB, Singh NP, Vennila A, Ratheesh Kumar R and Pandey PK. 2016. Variations in phytoplankton assemblages in different aquaculture systems in coastal waters of Goa. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences (MS 3199, accepted for publication)
  • Sreekanth GB, Manju Lekshmi N, Chakraborty SK, Jaiswar AK, Zacharia PU, Renjith VR, Singh NP and Pazhayamadom  DG. 2016. Effect of monsoon on coastal fish diversity of Goa: an example from gill net fishery. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 63(2): 8-18.
  • Sreekanth GB, Manju Lekshmi N, Chakraborty SK, Jaiswar AK and Singh NP. 2017. Seasonal fish species composition, catch rate and catch value in the small scale fishery of a tropical monsoon estuary along southwest coast of India. Journal of Environmental Biology, 38(1): 81-89.


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