Area of Research
  • Fisheries Resource Management
  • MSc (Marine Biology)
  • PhD.
Current projects
  • Development of Region and species specific pots/traps (ICAR funded) – Principal Investigator
  • Design development of standard deep sea fishing vessel and gear systems for commercial operation (ICAR funded) – Co Principal Investigator
  • Investigations on fish behavior and responsible fishing systems (ICAR funded) Co Principal Investigator
  • Assessment of food loss from selected gillnet and trammel net fisheries of India (FAO funded)- Co Principal Investigator
Awards and recognitions
  • Young Marine biologist Award (International) by Marine Biological Association of India- 2014
  • Best oral presentation award, V.R. Madhu, Prajith K.K., Remesan. M.P and Pravin, P. “Evaluation of low impact semi pelagic Trawl net off Cochin, Kerala” “Greening Fisheries – Towards Green Technologies in Fisheries” jointly organized by the SOFT(I) and CIFT – 2013
  • Young Scientist Award 2011 by Asian Fisheries Society – 2011
  • Yang Yi Memorial Students Award  (International) by World Aquaculture Society –2011
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • K.K. Prajith, P.H. Dhiju Das  and Leela Edwin (2014) Dolphin Wall Net (DWN) – An innovative management measure devised by ring seine fishermen of Kerala-India to reducing or eliminating marine mammal–fishery interactions.  Ocean & Coastal Management Volume 102, Part A, December 2014, Pages 1–6
  • Prajith K. K, M. P Remesan and Leela Edwin (2016) Traditional Wisdom of Fishing Techniques and Rituals of Kuruman Tribe of Wayanad, Western Ghats . Asian Agri-History 20(2):119-126 • March 2016
  • Remesan M.P, K. K. Prajith, F. Daniel Raj, Rithin Joseph, M. R. Boopendranath (2016) Investigations on Aimed Midwater for Myctophids in the Arabian Sea, Fishery Technology, Vol 53, No. 3
  • Rithin joseph, Daniel raj, Jose fernandez,, Saji kumar, Renju ravi, Prajith K K, and Remesan M P (2015)  First record of Asperoteuthis acanthoderma (Lu, 1977) (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida: Chiroteuthidae), from the Arabian Sea, , IJSRP, Volume 5, Issue 9, September 2015 Edition (ISSN 2250-3153).



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