Area of Research
  • Derivation of marineby-products for health, medical, cosmetic, and agricultural applications
  • Development of biomedical devices and personal hygiene formulations using marine biopolymers
  • Extraction of novel natural additives from fish processing discards
  • Development of Controlled Release Systems for active ingredients
  • PhD (Fish ProcessingTechnology), College of Fisheries, Mangalore
  • MFSc (Industrial Fishery Technology), College of Fisheries, Mangalore
  • BFSc (Fisheries Science), College of Fisheries, Kerala
Current projects
  • Development of standard processes and protocols for innovative products from aquatic resources, shelf life modelling and assessment of energy use
  • Development of high value byproducts from fish and shell fish processing discards
Awards and Recognitions
  • Prof. Hiralal Chaudhuri Medal for ‘Excellence in innovative research’, 2016
  • The University gold medal for the best MFSc student for the year 2001-2003
  • The University gold medal for the best MFSc student in Fish Processing Technology for the year 2001-2003
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Binsi, P. K., Nayak, N., Sarkar, P. C., Ninan, G., &Ravishankar, C. N. Structural, functional and in vitro digestion characteristics of spray dried fish roe powder stabilised with gum arabic. Food Chemistry.http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.foodchem.2016.10.116
  • Binsi PK, Natasha Nayak, Sarkar PC., Jeyakumari A, Muhamed Ashraf P.,GeorgeNinan, Ravishankar CN. 2017. Structural and oxidative stabilization of spray dried fish oil with gum arabic and sage extract. Food Chemistry.219,58-168
  • Binsi P.K. and Shamasundar, B.A.2012. Purification and characterization of transglutaminase from four fish species: effect of added transglutaminase on the viscoelastic behaviour of fish mince. Food Chemistry, Volume 132, Issue 4, pp.1922-1929
  • Binsi P.K., Shamasundar B.A. Dileep A.O, Badii,F and Howell, N.K. Rheological and   functional properties of gelatin from skin of Big eye snapper (Priacanthushamrur) fish:    Influence of gelatin on the gel forming ability of fish mince. Food Hydrocolloids23 (2009) 132–145.
  • Binsi P.K.,Shamasundar B.A. and Dileep A.O.2006. Some physico-chemical and rheological properties  ofactomyosin from green mussel (Pernaviridis). Food Research International 39(9): 992-1001



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