Area of Research
  • Active and Intelligent Packaging
  • Smart packaging
  • Thermal Processing
  • Functional fish products
  • PhD (Post-Harvest Technology), ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai
  • MFSc (Post-Harvest Technology), ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai
  • BFSc (Fisheries Science),University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore
Current projects
  • Development of standard processes and protocols for innovative products form aquatic resources, shelf life modelling and assessment of energy use
  • Marine biomolecules –Characterization and utilization for neutraceutical, biomedical and industrial applications
  • Food Safety Hazards of Fish and Fishery Products : Assessment and Mitigation Measures
  • Establishment of Agribusiness Incubation Centre
Awards and recognitions
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Award” for Post-Graduate Agricultural Research -2009 from ICAR, New Delhi
  • Dr.Karunasagar Best Post-Graduate Thesis (Ph.D. – Indian category) Award for the year 2009
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Mohan, C.O., Ravishankar, C.N., SrinivasaGopal, T.K., Lalitha, K.V. 2012. Effect of chitosan edible coating on the quality of double filleted Indian oil sardine (Sardinellalongiceps) during chilled storage. Food Hydrocolloids, 26(1): 167-174.
  • Mohan, C.O., Ravishankar, C.N., SrinivasaGopal, T.K., Lalitha, K.V. 2010.  Effect of reduced oxygen atmosphere and sodium acetate treatment on the microbial quality changes of Seer fish (Scomberomoruscommerson) steaks stored in ice. Food Microbiology 27: 526-534.
  • Mohan, C. O., Ravishankar, C. N., SrinivasaGopal, T. K, Ashok Kumar, K. and Lalitha, K. V. 2009. Biogenic amines formation in Seer fish (Scomberomoruscommerson) steaks packed with O2-scavenger during chilled storage. Food Research International. 42: 411-416.
  • Mohan, C. O., Remya, S., Murthy, L.N., Ravishankar, C.N and Ashok Kumar, K. (2015). Effect of filling medium on histamine content and quality of canned yellowfin tuna (Thunnusalbacares). Food Control, 50: 320-327.

    5. Mohan, C.O, Ravi Shankar, C.N, Bindu, J, Geethalakshmi, V and SrinivasaGopal, T.K. 2006. Effect of thermal processing on texture and subjective sensory characteristics of Prawn kuruma in retortable pouches and aluminium cans. Journal of Food Science, 71(6), S496-S500.



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