Area of Research
  • Curing,
  • Thermal Processing
  • High Pressure Processing
  • Packaging
  • PhD (Marine Sciences), Cochin University of Science and Technology
  • M Sc (Industrial Fisheries ), Cochin University of Science and Technology
  • BSc (Zoology ),University of Calicut, Kerala
Current projects
  • Development of standard processes and protocols for innovative products form aquatic resources, shelf life modelling and assessment of energy use.
  • Food Safety Hazards of Fish and Fishery Products: Assessment and Mitigation Measures.
  • Development of Bioplastic Based Sustainable Nano Biocomposite Food Packaging- Sustain NanoPACK.
  • Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (ITKs) in marine fisheries sector of Kerala: Documentation and Analysis.
Awards and recognitions
  • Norman Borlaug Scholar - The Indo-US Agricultural Knowledge Initiative Norman Borlaug Science & Technology Fellowship, USDA.
  • K. Chidambaram Memorial Annual Award – 2005 for outstanding contribution in “The Development of value-added Indian fishery products”. Fisheries Technocrats Forum, Chennai.
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Bindu, J., Ginson,J.,  Kamalakanth C K. & Gopal T. K. S (2015). High pressure treatment of green mussel Perna viridis Linnaeus, 1758: effect on shucking and quality changes in meat during chill storage.  Indian Journal of Fisheries , 62(2): 70-76.
  • Bindu.J. Ginson J,  Kamalakanth C.K.,  Asha K. K, Gopal T.K.S. (2013) Physicochemical changes in high pressure (HP) treated Indian white prawn (Fenneropenaeus indicus) during chill storage. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies.  17:  37-42
  • Bindu, J., Ravi Shankar, C.N., Srinivasa Gopal, T.K. and Mallick, A.K. (2010). Investigations on shelf life and heat penetration attributes of Ready to eat ‘Fish Peera’ from Anchovy (Stoleophorus commersoni) in Retort pouches. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 34: 207-222.
  • Bindu J and Gopal .T.K.S. (2008). Heat penetration characteristics of smoked tuna in oil and brine in retort pouches at different rotational speeds. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. 32: 231–246
  • .Bindu, J, Ravi Shankar, C.N and Srinivasa Gopal, T.K. (2007).Shelf life evaluation of a ready to eat clam product in indigenous retort pouches., Journal of Food Engineering .78: 995-1000.



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