Area of Research
  • Fish Processing Technology
  • Developmentof Bioactive edible coatings and films
  • Extraction and characterization of natural preservatives for fish preservation
  • B.F.Sc -  Fisheries Science
  • M.F.Sc – Post Harvest Technology
Current projects
  • Biodegradable Packaging Materials for Fish and Fishery Products
  • Technological Interventions for Enhancing Utilization of Secondary Raw Materials of Aquatic Origin
  • Development of processing protocols for emerging farmed fishery resources
Awards and recognition
  • Best Scientific paper award-2014 from SOFT(I), Cochin.
  • Best Scientific paper award-2018 from SOFT(I), Cochin.
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Sathish Kumar Kannaiyan, Jeyakumari Annamalai, Nagalakshmi Kannuchamy, Venkateshwarlu Gudipati (2014). Shelf Life Extension of Tuna Fillets using Natural Preservatives Isolated from Garlic by Solvent-Free Extraction Methods. Fishery Technology 51: 1 – 8
  • Sathish Kumar Kannaiyan, Janarthanan Gunasekaran, Nagalakshmi Kannuchamy, Madonna T Thachil and Venkateshwarlu Gudipati (2015). Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of dill extracts and their preservative effects on mackerel fillets during refrigerated storage. Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources. 6(2): 106-113.
  • Sathish Kumar Kannaiyan, Chrisolite Bagthasingh, Vijayarahavan Vetri, Shanmugam Seerappalli Aran, Kaliyamurthi Venkatachalam, (2019).  Nutritional, textural and quality attributes of white and dark muscles of little tuna (Euthynnusaffinis). Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences (IJMS), 48(2): 205-211.
  • K. Sathish Kumar, B. Chrisolite, G. Sugumar, J. Bindu and G. Venkateshwarlu (2018), Shelf life Extension of Tuna Fillets by Gelatin and Chitosan Based Edible Coating Incorporated with Clove Oil, Fishery Technology 55 (2) : 104 - 113.
  • Janarthanan Gunasekaran, Nagalakshmi Kannuchamy, Sathish kumar Kannaiyan, Rupshankar Chakraborti & Venkateswaralu Gudipatti (2015). Protein hydrolysates from shrimp (Metapenaeusdobsoni) head waste: Optimization of extraction conditions by response surface methodology. Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, 24: 5. 


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