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Fish processing / Scientist

Smt. Sreepriya Prakasan 8828695797

Area of Research Fish Processing


M.F.Sc. (Post Harvest Technology)
Current projects  
  • Awarded Dr. Hiralal Chaudhari gold medal for securing the first position in M.F.Sc programme in Post Harvest Technology during the academic year 2013-15 at the Convocation held on 3rd March 2017
  • Awarded Dr. C.V. Kulkarni Gold Medal - M.F.Sc. Student Research Award in CIFE on 11th August, 2016
  • Awarded Best Poster Presentation in International conference on emerging issues in quality and safety of fish and shellfish (EIQASFISH’16) organized by the department of fish quality assurance and management, Fisheries College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Fisheries University, Tuticorin in 2016
  • Qualified Master Trainer for Food Micro & Small Enterprised on EDP & Fish and Marine Product Processing assessed by FICSI (Food Processing Sector Skill Council), New Delhi.
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Prakasan, S., Lekshmi, M., Ammini, P., Balange, A.K., Nayak, B.B. and Kumar, S.H., 2022. Occurrence, pathogroup distribution and virulence genotypes of Escherichia coli from fresh seafood. Food Control133, p.108669. (NAAS: 11.5, Impact Factor: 5.548)
  • Saravanan, K., Kiruba-Sankar, R., Khan, M.J., Hashmi, A.S., Velmurugan, A., Haridas, H., Prakasan, S., Deepitha, R.P. and Laxmi, M.N.V., 2021. Baseline assessment of marine debris with soil, sediment, and water quality characteristics from the fish landing centres of South Andaman, Andaman archipelago, India. Marine Pollution Bulletin172, p.112879. (NAAS: 11.5, Impact Factor: 5.5)
  • Prakasan, S., Prabhakar, P., Lekshmi, M., Nayak, B.B. and Kumar, S., 2018. Isolation of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli harboring variant Shiga toxin genes from seafood, Veterinary World, 11(3):379-385
  • Sanjit Singh, A., Lekshmi, M., Prakasan, S., Nayak, B.B. and Kumar, S., 2017. Multiple antibiotic-resistant, extended spectrum-β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing enterobacteria in fresh seafood. Microorganisms5(3), p.53.
  • Sreepriya Prakasan, Deepitha R. P, Harsha Haridas, Gladston Y, K. Saravanan and R. Kiruba- Sankar., 2019. Exploring the status, constraints and prospects of processing, value addition and waste utilization of marine fishes in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Journal of Andaman Science Association, vol.24 (1):61-69.

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