Area of Research
  • Impact of production technologies on area, production and productivity
  • Socioeconomic impact and constraint analysis of production technologies
  • Transfer of technology, refinement of value-added products
  • Dynamic web interface
  • Identifying training needs of farmers, rural youth and KVK scientists
  • Identifying farming systems
  • Standardization of technology application and transfer methodologies
  • Performance of ATICs.
  • PhD in Agricultural Extension [2006], UAS, Bengaluru
  • MSc in Agricultural Extension [2003], UAS, Bengaluru
  • BSc in Agriculture [2001], KAU, Vellanikkara
Awards and recognitions
  • Best Paper Presentation Award, 2016, from Global Communication Research Association, Sydney, Australia  and University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, During ‘8th GCRA International Conference on “Innovative Digital Applications for Sustainable Development” during 5-7, January, 2016.
  • Best Paper Award, 2014, from Society of Extension Education and ICAR, During ‘7th National Extension Education Congress’ held at ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, 8-11 November, 2014.
  • Young Scientist Award, 2004, from ICAR and Mitraniketan, During National Seminar on Alternative Extension Approaches in Technology Transfer-2004.
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Sajeev, M.V. and Gangadharappa N.R., (2010), The notion of Social Capital and its value in promoting acceptance of Biotech Crops: Pre introductory assessment of an Indian case. Outlook on Agriculture, 39(4):305-310.
  • M V Sajeev and P L Saroj, (2015), Social and economic benefits of cashew (Anacardium occidentale) cultivation in Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka: An analysis of the impact, its determinants and constraints. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 85 (6): 821–6.
  • Sajeev M.V., Saroj P.L. and Lakshmisha R, (2014), Technology impacts on area, production and productivity of cashew in Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka. Journal of Plantation Crops, 42(1):62-69.
  • Sajeev M.V., Saroj P.L. and Lakshmisha R, (2014), Socio-economic correlates and determinants of Cashew Productivity: An analysis of Dakshina Kannada District.  Journal of Plantation Crops, 42(2):215-222.
  • Sajeev M.V., Saroj P.L. and A.V. Meera Manjusha, (2015), Technology adoption and socio-economic determinants of Cashew farming in North Kerala. Journal of Plantation Crops, 43(1):9-16.
  • Sajeev M.V. and Meera Manjusha, A.V. (2016), Decline of Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) Cultivation in North Kerala: An Analysis of the Impact, its Determinants and Constraints. Indian Research Journal of Extension Education, 16(3): 25-32.
  • Sajeev M.V. & P.L. Saroj, (2014), Technology Utilization and Its Socio-economic Determinants among Cashew Farmers of Karnataka. Indian Research Journal of Extension Education, 14(3): 59-65.



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