Area of Research 
  • Extraction and encapsulation of bioactive ingredients.
  • Preservation of tender coconut water by ohmic heating.
  • Design of fish processing equipment and machineries.
  • B.Tech (Food Process Engineering)
  • M.Tech (Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering)
  • Ph.D. (Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering)
Current Projects
  • Quality Improvement of Indian fishing fleet and engineering interventions in post-harvest sector (as Co-PI).
  • Design and development of tools and technologies for energy and water use optimization in fish processing industries (as Co-PI).
Awards and recognitions
  • Received INSPIRE Fellowship 2013from Department of Science and Technology (DST) during doctoral degree.
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • AniesraniDelfiya, D.S., K. Thangavel., N. Natarajan., R. Kasthuri and R.Kailappan. 2015. Microencapsulation of turmeric oleoresin by spray drying and in vitro release studies of   curcumin. Journal of Food Process Engineering. 38: 37-48. 
  • A. Manickavasagan, K. Thangavel, S. R. S. Dev, D. S. AniesraniDelfiya, E. Nambi, V. Orsat and G. S. V. Raghavan. 2015. Physicochemical Characteristics of Date Powder Produced in a Pilot-Scale Spray Dryer. Drying Technology, 33: 1114–1123.
  • AniesraniDelfiya, D.S., K. Thangavel., N. Natarajan and D.Amirtham. 2016.Preparation of curcumin-loaded egg albumin nanoparticles using ethanol as desolvation agent. Asian Journal of Chemistry. 28(7): 1536 – 1544.
  • AniesraniDelfiya, D.S., K. Thangavel and D.Amirtham. 2016. Preparation of curcumin loaded egg albumin nanoparticles using acetone and optimization of desolvation process. The Protein Journal. 35(2):124-135.
  • AniesraniDelfiya, D.S and K. Thangavel. 2016.Evaluation of in vitro release pattern of curcumin loaded egg albumin nanoparticles prepared using acetone as desolvation agent. Current Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy. 10 (2) 125-135. 
  • AniesraniDelfiya, D.S and K. Thangavel. 2016.Effect of ohmic heating on polyphenol oxidase activity, electrical and physicochemical properties of fresh tender coconut water. International Journal of Food Engineering. 12(7): 691–700.



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