Area of Research
  • Environmental modeling and assessment

  • Pollution studies

  • Fish processing technology Land and water management

  • Watershed management and Livelihood development strategies

  • Technology forecasting/management

  • IP valuation

  • Strategic management, Science policy research

  • B.Tech (Agrl.Engg.)
  • M.Tech (Water Resources Development & Management)
  • MBA (Marketing Management)
  • Ph.D (Soil & Water Conservation Engg.)
Awards and recognitions
  • McKee Groundwater Protection, Restoration, or Sustainable Use Award- 2015  by Water Environment Federation (WEF), Alexandria, VA, USA
  • National Groundwater Augmentation Award, 2008-Team member, Ministry of Water Resources, GoI
  • Best KVK award by ICAR for the biennium 2002-2003- Team member
  • Team Member, National Agricultural Leadership Award, NAARM, Hyderabad, 2014
  • Winner of Rajiv Gandhi Memorial All Kerala Inter- Collegiate Quiz Competition, 1992
  • Outstanding Contribution to the field of Agricultural Engineering. KCAET Alumni Association.2007.
  • Best Paper presentation in the National seminar on “Extension Strategies for Optimizing Agricultural Production and Entrepreneurship Development in NE Region’-January, 2007
  • Recipient of District Merit Scholarship, (Govt. of Kerala), 1987
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Manoj P. Samuel and Jha M. K. 2003.Estimation of Aquifer Parameters from Pumping Test Data by Genetic Algorithm Optimization Technique. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering (ASCE), Vol.129 (5): 348-359. 
  • Manoj P. Samuel, S. Senthilvel , D. Tamilmani and A.C. Mathew. 2012. Performance evaluation and modelling studies of gravel-coir fibre-sand multimedia stormwater filter.Environmental Technology, 33(17), Sept 2012. pp. 2057-2069.
  • Manoj P. Samuel, Senthilvel, S and Mathew, A.C. 2013.Hydraulic and Pollutant Removal Performances of Environmentally Compatible Stormwater Filtration Systems. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (IJEST), Vol11, No.5, pp.1327-1342.
  • Manoj P. Samuel, Senthilvel, S and Mathew, A.C. 2014. Performance evaluation of a dual flow recharge filter for improving groundwater quality. Water Environment Research,Volume 86, Number 7, July 2014, pp. 615-625(11).
  • Madan K. Jha, Gourav Nanda and Manoj P. Samuel. 2004. Determining Hydraulic Characteristics of Production Wells using Genetic Algorithm. Water Resources Management (Kluwer Academic Publishers, the Netherlands) 18:353-377, 2004.
  • Manoj P. Samuel and A.C. Mathew.2014. Improving use efficiency of water by integrating fish culture and irrigation in coconut based farming system: A case study.International Journal of Agriculture and Biological Engineering , Vol.7, No.2, April, 2014, pp. 36-44.
  • Manoj P. Samuel and Mathew A.C. 2015. Techno-Economic Evaluation of a Multi-Media Vertical Flow Filter for Roof water Harvesting. International Journal of Current Research in Biosciences and Plant Biology (IJCRBP), Volume-2, Issue-07, July-2015.
  • Manoj P. Samuel and S. Senthilvel. 2015. Hydrodynamic Evaluation of Raingun Sprinkling on Irrigation Efficiency. International Journal of Agricultural Engineering (accepted, mail dated 15/03/2014)
  • Manoj P.Samueland A.C. Mathew. 2015. Drinking Water through Rainwater Harvesting: Development and Performance Evaluation of A Novel Filtration System. International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology. Volume: 04 Special Issue: 11 | NIT Warangal CSWM-2015 | Oct-2015, Available @ http://www.ijret.org 



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