Staff Details

Director cell / Principal scientist

Dr. T. V. Sankar 9446467185


Area of Research
  • Quality aspects of fish processing technology

  • Risk analysis


  • Ph D

Current projects
  • Risk assessment of emerging food borne pathogens and chemical residues in aquatic ecosystem

  • Characterization of Harmful Algal Blooms along Indian Coast – CMLRE

  • All India Network Project on Fish Health (AINP-FH: 1006916

Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Sankar, T.V. and Ramachandran, A., 2002., Rheological characteristics of suwari and kamaboko gels made of surimi from Indian major carps,  J. Sci. Food Agric., 82, 1021-1027.
  • Sankar, T.V. and Ramachandran, A, 2005, Thermal stability of myofibrillar protein from Indian major carpsJ. Sci. Food Agric., 85, 4, 563-568.
  • Sankar TV, Zynudheen AA, Anandan R, Viswanathan Nair PG. Distribution of organochlorine pesticides and heavy metal residues in fish and shellfish from Calicut region, Kerala, India. Chemosphere. 2006; 65: 583-590.Mukund Mohan, DhanyaRamachandran, T.V.Sankar, R.Anandan, 2007, Influence of pH on the solubility and conformational characteristics of muscle proteins from mullet (Mugilcephalus), Process Biochemistry, 42, 1056 – 1062
  • DhanyaRamachandran, Mukund Mohan and T.V. Sankar, 2007, Physicochemical charactersistics of muscle proteins from Barracuda (Sphyraenajello) of different weight groups,. LWT-Food Science & Technology, 40, 8,  1418-1426


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