Major Areas of Interest

  • The Extension, Information and Statistics Division serve as a liaison between the fishery industry and the Institute by dissemination of the research results of the Institute to the actual end users. This is achieved by way of answering technical queries, supply of designs and publications, arranging exhibitions and film shows, publication and issue of technical pamphlets, leaflets, folders, booklets and books and also the regular publications of the Institute like the Annual Report, Research Highlights and quarterly Fish Technology Newsletter, undertaking technical consultancies, conduct of training programmes, observing National Days, arranging press releases, radio talks etc.
  • The Division carries out research in extension, statistics, economics and computer applications in fisheries. Keeping in view the dynamic changes in the fisheries sector, as a result of varying degrees of impact of technology and trade, statistical and econometric analysis of the same are being attempted. The research priorities are strengthening of technology transfer and HRD programmes, socio-economic, technological need and impact assessment studies, productivity studies, coastal zone management studies, programmes for weaker section and women empowerment, sampling studies in fishing and fish processing industries, statistical quality control related to fishery products, techno-economic evaluation of technologies developed, evaluation of the production and marketing of fish and fishery products, etc.
  • The research programmes in extension, statistics and economics have helped not only in the investigation of social and economic aspects of fishing and fish processing, but also enabled the development of human resources in the fisheries sector through a variety of training and field level extension activities besides the statistical and economical analysis of different aspects in fisheries, tackling problems of the fisheries sector that amount to collection, compilation, analysis and interpretation of statistical and economic data.

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