CIFT Dryer SDL-250 - Commercial Model Hybrid Solar Fish Dryer with LPG Back-up having 250kg capacity




The technology introduces a hybrid solar drying system for commercial production of dry fish hygienically by using environment friendly abundantly and freely available renewable solar energy.   LPG back up heating system attached to this dryer helps continuous drying of fish during unfavourable weather conditions without spoilage and maintaining its nutritional values.


Technology Benefits


  • Professional model,  Green Energy, Hybrid drying technology
  • Hygienic drying conditions, even during cloudy / rainy days
  • All contact parts are made of food grade stainless steel
  • Protection against dust, insects, birds, rodents and climatic conditions
  • Reduction of drying time
  • Safe and uniform drying  and Improved product quality
  • Drying under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity
  • Preservation of nutritional properties.

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