Collapsible Fish Trap


Two different designs of innovative collapsible fish trap with dimensions of 1 m ×0.6 m ×0.6m &1.5 m x 0.8 m for fishing along the backwaters of Kerala was developed and tested in the field. HDPE webbing of 80mm mesh size rigged with iron bar as frame was used and two funnels measuring 35cm Ø were attached both the sides to allow fish to enter. These traps were supplied to local fishermen and experimental trials were conducted along backwaters of Vypeen Island. The traps were operated at depths ranging from 1.5-2m and retrieved after a soak time of 16-18h. The catch efficiency for the trap derived as 3crabs/operation and 6fish/operation in terms of number and 1.05kg 1.02 kg respectively for crab and fish in terms of weight.




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