Coated Fish Products

Coated product is one, which is coated with another foodstuff. Two types of coatings are in common use. They are batter and breadcrumbs. Seafood specialties, fish portions (raw and precooked), shrimp, fish fingers, scallops, fish balls, fillets etc are the principal seafood products which are bettered and/or breaded. Most of these items are ready-to-cook and are processed frozen, although some may be processed fresh.

Breaded Shrimp 

Breaded shrimp can be prepared from both wild and farmed shrimp in different styles, viz. peeled and deveined, butterfly, round tail- on, cooked and peeled nobashi etc. These are coated with batter and breadcrumbs, flash fried and packed as IQF preferably in thermoformed trays.

Fish fingers and fish portions

Fish fingers or portions or sticks are regular sized portions cut from rectangular frozen blocks of fish flesh. They are normally coated with batter and breadcrumbs before being flash fried and frozen. Some fish blocks, particularly those used for catering products are made with high proportion of mince, even up to 100%.

Coated Squid rings
Cleaned squid tubes are cut in the form of rings, cooked in brine, cooled, battered and breaded. These are then flash fried, cooled, packed and frozen.

Coated Fish Fillets

Skinless and bone less fillets preferably of white meat fish are cold blanched in dilute brine and drained. These are then battered, breaded flash fried and frozen in IQF form preferably in thermoformed containers.

Coated Fish Balls

Fish balls are generally prepared from mince of low cost fish. Balls can be prepared by different ways. The simplest method is by mixing the fish mince with starch, salt and spices. This mix is then made into balls and cooked in boiling 1% brine. The cooked balls are then battered and breaded.

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