Insulated Fish Bags Distributed


 Visakhapatnam Research Centre of ICR-CIFT has developed an insulated fish bag for preserving the quality of fish during local transportation and retail vending.  The insulated fish bag helps in maintaining the quality of fish when used with proper icing.  It is easy to carry, avoids dust contamination, avoids flies and is reusable.  The fish bag is made up of three layers which prevent easy melting of ice for a period of six hours.  It is useful to fisher women involved in vending of fish by moving in city residential areas and also during transport of fish from fishing harbour to fish markets. The fish consumers also gain by getting quality fish at their premises. The fish waste (gills, intestines) can be collected in polythene bags and carried in the fish bag for later disposal in garbage bins.
ICAR-CIFT, Visakhapatnam Centre, as a technology promotion initiative has distributed  insulated fish bags to fisherwomen from Pedajalaripeta fishing village who are involved in marketing of fish in Nehru Bazar, MVP Market, Chinawaltair, Maddilapalem, Jalaripeta, Arilova, Dondaparthi and Ravindra Nagar fishing markets in Visakhapatnam. These fisher women were earlier trained by the Centre on hygienic handling of fish and proper icing for preserving fish quality.
Dr. G. Rajeswari, Scientist Incharge of the Centre distributed the fish bags to the fisher women.  Two models of fish bags namely; cylindrical model (for smaller fish and shrimp) and rectangular model (for relatively larger fish) were distributed to the fisher women based upon their need. The insulated fish bags can hold about 15 kg of fish. Dr. B. Madhusudana Rao, Senior Scientist stressed the importance of icing and hygiene to maintain fish quality and explained the features of insulated fish bag.  Scientists of the Processing Section, Dr. P. Viji and Kum. Jesmi Debbarma, Scientists demonstrated the use of insulated fish bag.

Group of retail fish vendors with insulated fish bags        
 Fisherwomen being briefed on the  use of
  insulated fish bags
Distribution of cylindrical model of insulated fish bag    

to fisherwomen for carrying smaller fish and shrimp     



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